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We do not keep traffic logs that match an IP address with a user. We do monitor the number of active connections for the user in order to prevent unlimited connections from one subscription. 2. Our registered legal name is Hexville SRL. We’re under Romanian jurisdiction, inside of the European Union. 3.

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Find out how our members enjoy the best customer service, fast payment and lots of interesting survey opportunities. OpinionBar. VPNBaron是VPN行业中相对较小的服务。 这项VPN服务位于罗马尼亚,以每月$ 5.54美元(年度优惠)的价格提供最佳计划,且退款期仅为7天,也无需附加任何条件. Explore @VpnBaron Twitter Profile and Download Videos and Photos Fighting for a Free, Neutral and Private internet. Going above and beyond for our users.

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VPNBaron OpenVPN iOS Setup. VPN Baron. Загрузка A Light but secure VPN client that keeps you safe online regardless if you're at home or connected to risky public wifi networks.